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Video of the week

Posted in: TTCN News, Video of the week   |   By: TTCN on February 19, 2012

Footwork Drills

This week’s video features Sveto Matovic, from svetotennis.com, who coaches at the South Bay Tennis Centre in Los Angeles.

The clip features many ideas and drills for footwork, the clips seem to be predominately aimed towards junior players. The drills cover the areas of co-ordination, balance and agility.

To find out move about Sveto, head over to his Website;


If you have an idea for a clip we could feature then get your video camera out, or even your mobile phone camera, and post it up on you tube or just send us the raw footage and we might feature you in a upcoming video of the week! Use your imagination! It could be a drill, coaching tip, progression, or even just a fun game that you do, and could cover any standard from teaching kids through to performance players.

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